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Oceanside Beach Service

Oceanside Beach Service has one goal…. to make your vacation as stress free and relaxing as possible. We are your go-to beach service business with eight prime South Florida beaches ready to serve you! Our two Marriot Locations on Singer Island have our fun and exciting watersports activities the whole family can enjoy. If your idea of a beach vacation is daydreaming tucked away in a cozy cabana, we have plenty of those! If you want to experience paddleboarding and kayaking on the ocean, we have those too! How do we know so much about fun and relaxation? We started out modestly in 1986 with 10 cabanas at the Holiday Inn on Singer Island. In our 30 years in business, we now operate beaches all over St. Lucie County, Palm Beach County and Broward County. Please go to our locations tab to view the beautiful beaches we serve. We have developed special relationships with our hotel guests and our public beach goers over the years that they feel like family to us. It shows in their confidence in us and in our service to you. Our beach attendants maintain the highest standards of beach service and consistently demonstrate the skills that keep our guests coming back, year after year. Come and see us at the beach!

Our Commitment to Service

There is a reason we are driven to provide excellent service…we love what we do! We work the beautiful oceanfront every day. We take extra pride in caring for all of our custom made equipment, so when you come and visit us at the beach, we make sure it is in working order and ready for you to relax and enjoy.

Our Beach Service Crew

Most of our staff have been with us for years, providing the the best beach service experience in Southern Florida since 1986. Not everyone is cut out for the hard work and dedication that our premier beach service demands. Our locations span resort and public beaches from Hutchinson Island to Pompano Beach in Southern Florida, and our beach attendants offer the finest service found anywhere. Come to South Florida and let Oceanside Beach Service make your stay one to remember.

Oceanside Beach Service

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